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tv   [untitled]    June 17, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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to be prepared for ready set going as a apprenticeship we've proposed this for several years it is wise for someone that is coming out who is a typically disengaged community african-american or latino or other who doesn't really have the means and part artist rehabilitation pathway to help them on a vocal track inside the kid system i think is high time the city invests it not much on $300000 i believe it will go a long way in men's jail in san bruno and the women's like a la ca chip model trying to train the women in our custody in a
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culinary prepare service and do it in the post release facility so they have the post release vocal training the number was $207,000 that will include the illness and preservation it is necessary not fund for $198,000 the conversation is shalom appropriate it is great that san francisco is adopting body cameras for hiss its police department but combaemz need to be in prisons and jails i believe this is the tip of prisons and jails will be do you want body cameras and san francisco didn't see the light wore a bit naive we're not
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holding up to our own commitment to the transparency and accountability built not only relying on fixed xaemz but employment with the body cameras it lessens liability and false allocations and enhances i think the trust that needs to be enhanced with many of the same people that the police come into when they're not in our custody and next recidivism and reduction of crime and the vocal we explained the women's center cafe i believe that is it i'm more than happy to conclude the form part of our presentation. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i have a couple of questions i wanted to ask thank you for your presentation
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i just want to talk about the transport program especially because i you do not understand why it cost so much money while the population has decreased can you give me an understanding why the additional money is needed to transport does that mean you'll hire additional staff or whether this be existing staff with over time i mean how does that work i don't understand that. >> we've done hundred and 34 staff right now as is presented in the graph earlier that is contributing to i think adhere levels of overtime i don't know how we use the existing staff we're like the police department but in a different way has a minimum intoerp staffing and responsibility that is mou and
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cb a required so when we shut down a jail sometime ago two years ago we redistributed our jail population our staff got redistributed, too, we still have to maintain that area staff is in the vetted to the size of the jail population but we're still struggling with under staffing needs so one $.3 million is what we calculate as what it takes to have per shift 3 shifts in a day per shift that two people two of our derpz will go to the stations to transport and book into county jail who they arrest viruses the mroldz one or two police officers you can do the
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math it is bigger than our numbers accepted a wagon around and picking up people. >> it this existing staff or new staff. >> i believe new staff we're already understaffed. >> so how will be be able to hire the staff without having an academy class. >> well 12 in the running and graduating soon wore still understaffed i'll have to shift the existing staff if we want to do that not take awe our under staffing problem. >> for the positions for the new academy class are already funding in the upcoming year. >> yes. their graduating. >> so you'll move those graduates if possible you'll be able to move them or shift the existing staff to do the program. >> i would put more seasonal
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people frankly people that have a certain level of fold train not new but people that have been tested as in the pilot late last year and the new graduates will fill in the new entry or freshmen positions. >> no plans for a new academy class. >> we keep asking that wasn't accepted in the proposal wore hoping for an academy class there 2016. >> but basically with the existing budget moving in this current fiscal year you have the capacity to potentially manage this program. >> i think so but it is sort of moving fund if poetry to paul not taking care of the under staffing in the jails but wire committed based on that $1.2 million to make it work.
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>> so with our current population and your counter staffing levels and this didn't i'm not speaking to the staffing level with san francisco general hospital and other things but more importantly the jail population do you have information that helps me to understand the capacity versus the needs for a sheriff's deputy like maximum and viruses the number of deputies i have. >> in terms of the anytime staffing requirement we're more than happy to brief you if you like come to your office or i to ours we'll show you the requirements of minimum staffing and our obligations especially, when someone is out on long term disabled military leaf non-productive time and they're
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not going to be returning any time soon we can't fill that position except on overtime if somebody is out wore stuck and that's where delineated in terms of the positions where we have people out for awhile. >> okay. and i want to ask about the city grant program you have the funding you have for grants balboa park i know that i guess there are a lot of departments that have programs for reentry i think one of the things we've talked about in past hearings was the fact that funding for phone calls and funding for commissary was used to help to facilitate the programs provide bids the department and our department helped to change the rates so
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they don't impact the families and inmates negatively so potentially there's a gap i want to understand is the grant opportunities that you have actually go to serve the population of the inmates that are currently housed in the prison. >> that's all there are. >> so that's what the grant money is for . >> the grant we disbursed it was only $50,000 two grants of the innovation challenge grant we were award was $50,000 maybe a little bit less up this is what your referring to in our graph. >> okay i thought i saw a different number i don't remember. >> the mentally ill grant is
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for our population for the mentally ill population. >> but none to assist outside of the jail it is within the jail population. >> well or to avert the jail populations we fund 95 percent of the pretrail if you look at our jail population it hovers at 12 hundred our ceiling is 4 hundred and 50 that number alone is an important number to be noted our alternatives to incarceration population is about one thousand so we fund the pretrial diversion program and other programs that people don't have to be courtyard that's an example of outside custody in helping people to avoid custody but still remain account
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colleagues any other questions we'll tall call up our next department. >> do we want to go to the budget analyst represents. >> we'll not skip that. >> madam chair and members the commission sxhepd on page 43 of the report the recommended recommendations total $17,000 plus in 2015-2016 and of that amount 528 plus are ongoing savings and 91 thousand are one time savings this allows an increase of $10 million plus for 5.3 percent in the departments 2015-2016 our recommended reductions to total 6 hundred plus in 2016-2017 of that amount
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640 are ongoing savings and 50 thousand are one time savings those allows an increase ever 17 or 3 point of percent in the 78 we are working with the department and report back to the committee on our final recommendations. >> thank you mr. rose. >> supervisor breed and i had two more questions for clarity the $114,000 for the community grant organization so those monies are coming from where exactly. >> i don't have that number in front of me. >> cfo the sheriff's department i believe you're referring to the increase in the grant program 2015-2016. >> yes. >> that's a combination of the cola that was awarded to every department last year by the board and 64 additional dollars
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that be coming back o intoxicate fund additional positions to help us registration in the affordable health care. >> and this is like for pretrial diversion. >> in fact your overall is 4 point and the remainder is in reindustry which we have the pretrial diversion moving people out the jail system. >> the $710,000 for capital improvements that had been done to the brilliant facility. >> yes. we had a security in our 850 bryant facilities very old equipment security equipment needed emergency repairs we declared on emergency for capital improvements this is
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fund that going to repairs that needed to be funded many many years ago our concern was that it deals with cameras and security video, that deals with jails being locked or not located but we've not been recompleted by the money for the emergency money in the capital for the other projects that are unfund it all got moved to the fund and the other capital improvements are now unfunded. >> okay. thank you. >> sure. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> thank you sheriff ex-wherever you give presentations you're opening our easy to the trespassed and the domino of the jail i share with supervisor breed in some ways the concern the jail population
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is to rapidly decreasing which i think is good but the continuation of the alleged staff or maintaining the staffing levels within our department from the jail population is declining why is it necessary again that we have to maintain the said the mou levels of staffing and well, there's anytime staffing requirement and minimum security viruses maximum security type of inmates somebody that several sufrdz with a significant mental health disorder and noted that department is the not seen before even though we're making as i explained dramatic drops from the jail population is definitely you know on the rise.
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>> one the slides was the besides the increase in hive risks and the next slide with inmates with mental health what's the d h f. >> the mental health. >> it is increased sixth from 2012 to many contact you're saying the staffing levels at least dealing with high-risk and mentally ill and severely disturbed inmates requires additional staff. >> it can most definitely and what concerns me the lack of train that should corridor with dealing with sometimes very voluntary i will or complicated population. >> i know we are going to have the hearing on the jail rebuild on thursday
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at the public safety committee i'm seeing the rapid decline from the high of 20th century 2008 the jail population at 2 thousand 2 hundred inmates like a huge rapid decline to now to it looks like it is about 1150 right now. >> it hovers between 1150 and 1250. >> i know that as different advocates question the need to build a new jail i've seen the conditions at 850 bryant and is a brand new needs to make the conditions better and better invitation to reduce recidivism but this declines so rapid it looked like it will be below 11 hundred to the sometime in the near future our saying the 99
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numbers are hoover at same level. >> now the same over 67 months wore seeing stagnation i don't think this conversation is volunteered from the conversation your having with the police department about putting new another police officer on the street there are interconnections that small business misunderstood in terms of the front end and the middle back end response by the sheriff's department and the adult probation they'll outline interacted i caution those discussions in any way they've been. >> i see the interconnections as well i want to indirect the
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question to the mayor's budget director kate howard we've generously you funded police academies the 1 eight hundred hundred body cameras for police officers i'm wondering you don't why not the same or similar attendance from the sheriff's department and the ballistic vest replacements to potential body cameras but even the academy classes for the sheriff men's the installing small number of 12 the police department has to many more in their academy. >> thank you, supervisor kate howard the mayors budget director. >> as you noted a sixth drop in the population in the jail and we've been working with the sheriff's department to monitor their staffing level as well as their ability to backfill
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retirements that's certainly our addressing this year we addressed the need for the department of public health and in terms of capital facilities and it this budget includes $4.8 million over the next two years for those needs and certainly needs beyond what were fund in the budgeted that's in front of you just like any department has needs beyond when is funded we'll continue to work with the sheriff's department and make sure they have appropriate staff to manage the population. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear an answer of the body cameras or vests and deputy sheriff to be vulnerable with the people they're coming into contact with
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make a purr scuff argument with you can't deny the argument for our deputy sheriff's department. >> any other comment seen thank you sheriff we see you on monday then. >> next our fire department and madam clerk. >> the tax regulation covet to increase the fire department licenses and making environment finding. >> thank you very much welcome to the chamber chief joanne. >> good afternoon. i have mark with me he's passing out our presentation we're kooeb keying up i have 7
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slides so we're here to present the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 year budget and update you on where we're at since last april this is the high-level use of our yours i'm sure you're aware of 90 percent of our budget is salaries and benefits that leaves a small allocation for everything ervin else for supplies and work orders and equipment the department receives money if federal and state revenues as well foes for services but the fire department i am sure is heavy dependent on fees next slide is the budget how level view the allocations over the next two years our department has increased as a
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result of mou and supplements to the mayors hiring plan we're happy about for the ems and the fire suppression the new positions which i will touch on briefly a little bit later on as well as the capital in various projects ftes counts after years of reductions of ftes the departments is projecting a net increase to the staffing levels over the next two budget years this is due to the hiring plan for the ems and fire suppression we had 42 new hires on the streets and already we've seen a improvement in our overall ambulance times they were concerned and in addition the
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two academy classes schedule do will help boost the number of ftes and certainly match the retirements and grow the overall fte count wore projecting in year two because of the hires a reduction decrease inform your offervertime. >> so in order to get into the budget i wanted to highlight you on the overall changes allocated by the mayor's office under the direction of the budget director kate howard for her assistance
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on the job the fire department anthony i am sure we've received criticism related to our response time we're certainly not immune with the growing population and call volume so the mayor's office is supportive and helpful in our fire department committee we have 15 members of our department step up and really work collaboratively with us they saw some of the realties of what budgeting is like and had great ideas this is in order to build consensus among our department we'll continue this process in the future i've learned a lot from that the first tupg you see on the slide with regards to changes in our ems it is a hot topic as i've discussed the city as grown and the private ambulance resources had
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difficulties coping with the demand for services resulting in operation alisa miller the mayors set up the d e n and the board of supervisors and the controller's office and local 798 there were a number of recommendations some that were implemented such as an increase in the ambulance personnel in the current year as well as staff anothers dph our resources 9-1-1 was not the service needs with the support and help draergz fatiguing up our ambulances for other 9-1-1 calls to be responded to in addition in some of the recommendations that are
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incorporated into the departments such as the supervision model with our ambulance services and ems logical support in order to get ambulances in and out of service faster to support the ambulance availability and as well as partnering with dph for an ems 6 program it resembled what we had was successful the home team the homeless evaluation team we have a motion and a second we're going to restore that where we have identified those frequent users of the 9-1-1 system that can have used other services by restoring that program particular the civic center and the tenderloin maybe we'll be more efficient in freeing up our ambulance resources in addition the fire department was issued data analysis a small
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there for supplies and causality volume the results of the working group has been huge and extremely positive for the overall health of the ambulance system in the city we're paramount providers but are partnering with two other agencies the new staff has improved and i have data to show you that it had continue to improve as the staffing is restored the relationships with the city's private providers are strengthened the working group has not meet but two sub groups that work together and the ems provider group it is the department of management our partners as well as the two private providers and members from our department we exchange schedule information
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and trend and coordinated special events by the fourth of july that's one sub group that works together as well as the data group we appreciate the hard work that is headed by the controller's office and it is we're working with the private providers and the department the emergency management we hope to continue it refine that process and create a public dashboard for overhead metrics in the area of response times. >> next slide, please continuing on the deadlock enhancements with the assistance of the mayor's office the mayor public safety is expanded for the department rumentd in 4 new academies over the next 4 years one in august and january over the next two years the department is scheduled for 8 academies over the next 5 years
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arrest the new academies is socializing needs to prepare for the spike in retirements that is anticipated to come on the ems does the hyphen plan was modified to incorporate in the academy of 42 new hovers in the current fiscal year i have 40 but graduated 42 on one is the formation of the planning division the department emigrate criticism in long term efforts by the department i'll have to awe agree we can't forecast our growing city and be able to full our mention planning is a high priority and given the lack of